Final Assembly files

Final assemblies now available:

Genome Final assemblies
Stapylococcus aureus
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Rhodobacter sphaeroides
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H. sapies Chr 14
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Bombus impatiens
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Download the analysis scripts used for validation (last updated 04/02/12). These scripts require MUMmer 3.23 or higher. The scripts assume that your reference ends in a standard fasta extension: "fasta" or "fa" and that your assembly (contigs, scaffolds) end in: "contig", "scafSeq", "fa", "fna", "fasta", or "final". If your files have a different extension, please rename them prior to running the scripts. To run an analysis:

  • Download MUMmer 3.23, available here
  • Run: tar xvzf MUMmer3.23.tar.gz
  • Run: cd MUMmer3.23
  • Run: make
  • Run: tar xvzf gage-validation.tar.gz
  • Run: sh <Reference Fasta> <Contig Fasta> <Scaffold Fasta>
  • To evaluate assembly contiguity without a reference run: java GetFastaStats -o -min 200 -genomeSize <Genome Expected Size> <Contig Fasta/Scaffold Fasta>

Download an updated version of the analysis scripts with minor changes to scaffold validation (last updated 11/8/12).

Final analysis now available:

03/30/2012: The SOAPdenovo scaffold validation results were updated to correct a mistake on the bacterial genomes. This reduced the scaffold errors and increased the corrected N50 in both bacterial genomes.

Thank you to Francesco Vezzi for reporting the discrepancy.